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How Handwashing with Soap Kills Covid-19

Just a few months ago, our supermarket shelves were bare. Antibacterial soap/gels were a prized commodity.  Manufacturers rushed to pivot processes to cope with demand by producing their ‘own’ brands of hand gels. Doctors were ambushed with cases of raw and sore hands caused by over washing with alcohol based ‘soaps’.  Here's the lowdown on from The World Health Organisation:  

Washing your hands with soap is more effective than using antibacterial soaps and gels.

Unesco states that water alone may rinse off dirt, but viruses and bacteria are so small they often need chemical and mechanical intervention to get their sticky nanoparticles out of the crevices that make up our unique fingerprints. That’s why soap is so important. It’s made for this job. Give soap 20 seconds, at least, of thorough scrubbing and the pin-shaped molecules will penetrate bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, that protect themselves with an oily lipid membrane.

While alcohol can also break an oily membrane, washing with soap has the added benefit of physically removing tougher viruses and bacteria from the skin. Scrubbing vigorously, with a sudsy lather, is the key to locking these invading particles away for good - and washing them down the drain. And whether the water is cold or warm doesn’t matter, so long as it’s soapy.

Unesco also states that the problem with antibacterial soaps and gels is that in terms of COVID-19 they are not more helpful than regular soap and are useless as gels unless they include at least 60% alcohol, because the antibacterial products do not affect viruses at all. Further-more, whatever bacteria do survive such treatment, they can evolve to become resistant to the antibacterial products in the future. 

Why take the chance of making bacteria stronger when all you need is a little soap and water?

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